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happy skin doesn’t mean flawless skin. It means healthy skin.

Welcome to the Good Skincare Club!

Sonnet Wellness is a new age wellness brand that is constantly working towards bringing the best of products to cater to your overall health. We leverage the latest wellness technology from around the world and solid craftsmanship to create products so you get only the best of concoctions that increase your overall wellbeing. Our skincare aims to enhance and repair your skin, not to make it filtered & picture perfect.

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Your skin is your largest organ, protect it

AM:PM Skincare Ritual

When it comes to your skin’s health, compromising is never an option. We believe skincare isn’t a mere routine you follow everyday, but a ritual that should be ingrained in your daily life which is why we have created a fast absorbing skincare range with textures that blend into the perfect skincare routine.



Skincare Ritual
Understand your natural skin dynamics

So it all starts with microbiome. Our skin has its own unique ecosystem that consist of healthy bacterias in your body that nourish your skin. It helps your skin stay protected from everything that is bad for it. The microbiome is a key to enhancing your overall skin appearance. It tackles the causes of skin conditions as opposed to just suppressing the symptoms.

Healthy Skin
What gatekeeps you from healthy skin

An imbalanced microbiome can lead to skin problems. These imbalances can be caused by multiple factors from pollution, UV rays, over or under cleaning your skin, and a lot more factors. When these imbalances are caused, their symptoms become visible on the skin, in the form of rashes, acnes, pimples, inflammation, etc.

How we fine-tune healthy skin for you

Thats where we come in! Our products feed your skin with nourishing ingredients to eliminate the toxic from it. With prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, we aim to rejuvenate the microbiome resulting in a healthier and more radiant skin. With our promise of always being transparent, you always know what’s happening to your skin.

Here's what Sonnet Tribe has to say

Ritika Shah
Ritika Shah

I've been using Sonnet Wellness' Clean It Off Face Wash for about a month now and I must say, I'm incredibly impressed! My skin feels smoother and brighter ever since I've added it to my skincare routine. It's gentle on my skin, yet effective enough to remove the dirt and oil build-ups. Highly recommend this product if you're looking for a good face wash!

Khushboo Thakkar
Khushboo Thakkar

I've tried a lot of different face masks in the past, but this one is by far the best. Not only does it leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed, but it also seems to be helping with my scars & pigmentation. I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall clarity of my skin since I started using it. I'll definitely be adding this to my skincare routine on a regular basis!

Saily Potnis
Saily Potnis

I am so impressed with Sonnet Wellness's skincare collection! I have struggled with sensitive, acne-prone skin for years and have tried countless products that just didn't seem to work. After a few weeks of using this Sonnet Wellness's cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, my skin looks and feels completely transformed. The products are gentle and effective, and I'm so grateful to have finally found a skincare routine that works!

Shikha Desai
Shikha Desai

Really enjoying the AM:PM box! Such an easy & effective skincare routine

Kamal Shukla
Kamal Shukla

Super hydrating and calming to the skin. Has definitely helped with the reddness & scars on my face

Aditi Chindani
Aditi Chindani

Sonnet Wellness's serum has surprised me, my skin feels evenly toned, clear & has a healthy glow. Love the fragrance too!

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