Probiotic Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

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The entire world revolves around cleaner energy currently. Be it allergen-free foods or organic cosmetics. Health and Skincare have become the flag bearers of this trend.

Over the past decade, people have become more aware of cruelty-free Skincare and have questioned every skin care product ingredient. Be it a renowned brand or a newbie; we need to know the products used and their effects on our skin. Given that chemicals form an integral part of Skincare brands' ingredient list, it won’t be surprising in the future to create a skin type dependent on these chemicals in the long run or result in harm.

If you struggle with skin conditions that mainline products don't seem to alleviate, or you are looking to improve the overall health of your skin, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Without the right guidance or knowledge, it would just be centered around choosing product A over B or vice versa. So, what do you need to look for?

Probiotic Skincare is the answer! We at Sonnet Wellness are the first to offer Probiotic and Prebiotic goodness with our gender-neutral skincare line in India. And rightly so, we must inform you of probiotic Skincare's wonders!

What is Probiotic Skincare?

Probiotic Skincare is a type of organic skincare that utilizes Probiotics to nourish the skin with healthy bacteria. Probiotics restore the skin microbiome, can help heal common skin conditions and revitalize the skin thoroughly.

Prebiotics are a source of food for good bacteria, especially in your skin which is responsible for maintaining the vitality and health of the microbiome.

When added to your skincare routine, Probiotics restore and maintain your skin's barrier. Probiotic Skincare protects the skin from external invaders, maintains pH levels, and can enhance your overall skin conditions as well.

What is the difference between Prebiotic Skincare and Probiotic Skincare?

You must've had a doctor tell you to opt for Probiotics at some point. And that's some advice you should incorporate not only for your gut but for your skin as well.

Everyone has a unique microbiome, a living society of healthy bacteria that resides in your gut and skin. Hence, the same idea behind ingesting prebiotic supplements to induce the growth of healthy bacteria is also the motivation behind applying Probiotics to the skin.

Prebiotics and Probiotics team up in the fight for healthy and strong skin. But these aren't the same thing;

Probiotics are the live bacteria that help increase the population of good bacteria on your skin and your gut.

On the other hand, Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act as food for probiotics by allowing them to multiply and thus doing their jobs effectively.

Thus, the prefix "pre" implies that these plant fibers catalyze good bacteria growth. These can be consumed orally and applied to the skin, leading to a healthy microbiome on the skin and gut.

Prebiotic Skincare Superiority

While probiotics definitely have their place on everyone's gut shelf, prebiotic supremacy reigns for skin and gut health. This indicates that the species of bacteria required by your skin to thrive may differ from the species that the body needs.

If you were to stop by your local health store and visit the probiotics section, you'd be overwhelmed at all the species of bacteria that have been included in every supplement and skincare product.

Another way of looking at probiotics is the "one size fits all" approach. How can one possibly know which supplement or bacterial species will yield the best result for your unique genetic makeup? This is where Prebiotics come into the picture as knights in microbial armor!

Prebiotics don't entail the exact species of bacteria that grow in your gut as well as your skin. These create the most thriving conditions for these bacteria to flourish and grow.

Now that we've spent a decent portion talking about the difference between Prebiotics and probiotics, what does it mean for someone like you? Someone who wants to invest in result-oriented Skincare.

Benefits of Prebiotic Skincare

Let's take a look at prebiotic skincare benefits

1. Prebiotic Skincare helps protect the skin:

Prebiotics in Skincare facilitates a healthy balance of good bacteria in the skin's microbiome. This strengthens the skin and acts as a shield against external obstacles to the skin, such as harmful bacteria which cause breakouts and inflammation.

2. Prebiotic Skincare is devoid of harmful chemicals:

Most studies show that toxic chemicals in Skincare and cosmetics harm our skin in the long run. Instead of using chemicals, prebiotic Skincare utilizes ingredients derived from plants.

3. Prebiotic Skincare improves skin conditions:

Indulging in some prebiotic skincare will help you with skin conditions that are otherwise difficult to treat. This is the thought process that we at Sonnet wellness have.

Moreover, prebiotic Skincare has shown tremendous results even in cases of eczema as a final recourse when years of treatment have failed. And these facts aren't just for a one-off anecdote. Several studies have backed the healing power that prebiotic Skincare possesses.

One of the studies was gathering decades worth of clinical studies regarding what happens when we introduce healthy bacteria to adults with acne issues. The result of this study indicates a tremendous decrease in visible lesions and clear skin over time. And this is just the surface of prebiotic skincare benefits.

Moreover, prebiotic skincare products are also safe for children because they are a plant-based derivative.

Where do you actually buy prebiotic skincare product ranges, though?

Nowhere but here! Sonnet Wellness is a successful new-age wellness brand that aims to cater to your overall health. With Sonnet's Everyday Essentials combo, you're bound to get closer to getting no-filter photos.

We create lab-made, non-living prebiotic and probiotic products that are vegan and cruelty-free. This means our products are absolutely free of chemicals and are also approved by the FDA. Sonnet Wellness is all things consciously good. Sorry, the best for your skin!

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