Wedding skincare routine for the perfect glow

Wedding skincare routine for the perfect glow

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Weddings are one of life's most precious and happy times. They are remarkable for the bride and groom and everybody attending the fun and frolic of a marriage.

If you're a bride, Congratulations are in order! Just know that the wedding glow is nothing close to what they show in movies; it isn't an overnight process. You're supposed to prepare for D-day months in advance, and the process comprises diet and skincare.

Fret not! We at Sonnet Wellness have done all the groundwork for you. We have curated a wedding skincare routine for the perfect glow. This blog is a comprehensive guide to dullness-free wedding skin, which is Instagram-worthy at all times. 

Skincare should be considered a lifestyle choice rather than an implied cosmetic process. Once you acquire the perfect wedding skincare routine, there's no stopping you from getting the ideal D-day glow.

Let's take a look at a wedding skin preparation for the perfect bridal glow:

Wedding Skincare Step 1: Understand minute details about your skin

While achieving a flawless bridal glow is the end goal, it doesn't mean you use whatever products you come across as suggestive on the internet.

Before starting a wedding skincare routine, you must understand minute details about your skin. Such as your skin type, what works for it and what doesn't, and what it is reactive to. This will also help you when choosing makeup products.

Wedding Skincare Step 2:Take your skin nourishment seriously.

It is imperative to ensure you're following a regular AM: PM skincare routine. And the two virtues we recommend for the same are consistency and high-quality products.

While consistency is expected at your end, Sonnet Wellness can undertake the responsibility of rendering high-quality skincare products. Pre-wedding skincare means looking out for several products, but what if we told you it was taken care of? The AM: PM Skincare Ritual by Sonnet Wellness is a kit that contains the best prebiotic and probiotic skin care products;

    1. Clean it off face wash: A non-drying formula enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Glycolic Acid. It helps deep cleanse the skin without leaving it dried and irritated. You can use Clean it off twice daily.  

    1. Smear it on face mask: This mask is perfect for brides to combat impurities, stress, and dirt on their skin. The goodness of Kaolin Clay unclogs the pores, while Aloe Vera hydrates and nourishes the skin. This face mask can be used twice a week at maximum. 

    1. Dab it on toner: This toner is enriched with the nourishing and anti-aging properties of Witch hazel, Vitamin B3, Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid, and Chamomile.  Bride(s) to be, balance your skin's pH and smoothen your skin's texture simply by dabbing on probiotic toner by Sonnet Wellness. Toners can be dabbed on twice every day. 

    1. Rub it in serum: The rub it in serum encompasses the benefits of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Niacinamide. And all of these ingredients put together in a probiotic formulation create magic for your skin. The rub-it-in serum will help aid your wedding skincare goals by rendering deep nourishment, relief from hyperpigmentation, and a healthy glow and brightness. 

    1. Soak it in face cream: The soak it in face cream is an ultra-lightweight moisturizer. It consists of Jojoba Oil which helps your face stay moisturized while controlling excess sebum production. Supple skin is easy to achieve by soaking it in face cream comprising of kokum butter for skin nourishment.

Wedding Skincare Step 3:Know that mind and body wellness are equally important 

Wedding skincare is not exclusively dependent on products. It is imperative that, as a bride-to-be, you ensure a proper intake of nutrients and hydration.

We understand wedding planning isn't easy, but missing out on antioxidants will make you look dull on your wedding day. Outer nourishment will only be of avail if you nourish yourself from within.

Drinking at least 3-3.5 liters of water every day will rid your body of toxins. And a good six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is a must for every bride-to-be because the wedding functions will keep you up! 

You can incorporate salads, smoothies, and green tea-like healthy, antioxidant-rich food and drinks into your regular diet. This will help brighten your skin and reduce internal inflammation as well. Hence mind and body wellness also form a part of skin care before the wedding!

Wedding Skincare Step 4:The need to pamper your skin and body

Bridal facials are an end-minute to-do bridal skincare for all brides before their D-day. However, the timeline of these facials must be kept at a particular distance from the wedding day. As to let any reaction or allergies surface and be suppressed before time.

Bridal duties are never-ending! There'll always be one task or another to worry about at hand. Hence, it is essential to pamper your body and go for a body massage. This can also be done as a couple of activities to spend time with your loved one before the wedding. A body massage will help you relax from all the stiffness and tension you've been carrying around. And it will also be the ultimate treat for you before the wedding. A retreat in hindsight to all the soreness you're about to endure! 

A body massage and facial go hand in hand to ensure you're a happy bride. The glow will be very well visible in addition to your wedding skincare routine!


We at Sonnet Wellness have zeroed down an extensive wedding skincare routine into a kit and a blog! 

As a bride, you must choose products that don't cause a reaction. And choosing safe products, and most importantly, free from toxins and chemicals. All of which every product at Sonnet Wellness ticks off! 

Our AM: PM Skincare Ritual is just the perfect probiotic skincare kit for a wedding skincare routine. It is free of chemicals and results from the solid craftsmanship and the latest wellness technology. 

Skincare products at Sonnet Wellness aim at repairing and enhancing your skin. Every bride needs a photo album full of glowing skin photos! 

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