Sonnet Wellness

Dewy Duo (100ml +30ml)
Rs. 979.00 Rs. 2,698.00

1. Sonnet Wellness offers India’s first Probiotic and Prebiotic range of products Rich in the goodness of Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, Glycolic Acid & Aloe Juice Formulated by experts at Sonnet Wellness For the best results, use the product on an everyday basis
2. Probiotic Toner is packed with enriching properties for improving your skin’s texture
3. Probiotic Serum helps you heal your skin and bring back its natural glow
4. 100% Vegan and Cruelty, Free FDA Approved, Dermat Tested, No Toxic Chemicals and Made In India

Probotic & Prebiotic Skincare

Sonnet Wellness

Sonnet Wellness is a new age wellness brand that is constantly working towards bringing the best of products to cater to your overall health. We leverage the latest wellness technology from around the world and solid craftsmanship to create products so you get only the best of concoctions that increase your overall wellbeing. Our skincare aims to enhance and repair your skin, not to make it filtered & picture perfect.

Probiotic skincare